Backstage at the DADA photo shoot

It was so much fun to get ready backstage with the team but most of all and especially  with my make up artist for the day, the ever so lovely  Liselotte Van Sarloos. She is  one of many of my personal favorite my by heart and flawless touches in her line of work.  And lets not forget Mike, Elyne Meijs, Irene Bussemakers,Donne la Fontaine, Dierck Roosen, Sofie Van Kilken

Because getting ready!

Fantomas getting ready (^.^)!!

Because being cheeky!

Fantomas getting the hair done by Liselotte…

Làmour fou is cute with her cotton candy hair!

While Press pic is sexy! sexy!

Maybe upwards hmm..

…nope messy sexy

Meanwhile Fantomas is wild and just dose not care! THE BOSS!

Mjau with a grrrr!!

Really…. keep calm…. says who ;-p!

Fly high & Love ya!


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