Christmas night boudoir naughty or nice?

They curled up together,
Holding her all so tight.
With the glow of the candles,
As the lovers nightlight.

Laying next to her,
He rubbed her back with his hand.
Just laying there looking at her,
As she drifted off to dream land.

I wanted to take some time for some romantic gesture in regards to lingerie during  special Christmas night. I must say that i am addicted to lingerie and the way they feel, and its all about the cut and sleekness. A lingerie must always fall in the right place to create the right mood.

There are so may different styles, patters, lace and fabric that you can put together and  always play around with. Just like you would do getting dressed to leave your house.

There are themes for every occasion. Here are a few  of my favorite once that i simply love & have an addiction to.

Remember that you can always treat yourself, or that man you have the hot´s for. It never matters what you are wearing under all those clothes by the end of the day,  as long as there are no old looking ripped holes in them.

Off with the old & turn on with the new,no excuses!


shanghai sang collection

     Mmm… Black swan cocktail

please flower bomb me baby


Victor & Rolf

Besame lip stick collection




    Mmmmerci …Perrier Jouet!



by dim the lights please

desert in bed with macaron





TOCCA washing detergent


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