Hello everybody!

Welcome back to a new year and what a year this will be!

I have had a peaceful Christmas with my  family and could not wish for more as my heart is truly happy.

Now that we are back for a new year, i think we should  fill it with adventures and not be afraid to do what feels right deep within our self. Sometimes it´s not easy, but we have to keep on going because we know that there is a peace with our mind,challenge, and goals once we have achieved what we where seeking for. YOU have the chance and can turn it to whatever YOU desire and want, but also with respect and understanding. Not everybody will understand it but you, and only you yourself.


I recently got contacted form a lovely make up artist that i have known for a while here in Norway by the name of Linda Wickmann  to do a photo shoot for Oslo Fashion Week(OFW) in Norway. The photos was photographed by Fred Jonny, the hair  styled by Andrés Kløvstad, and the styling by Linda Wickman. Extra super duper help was provided by Maiken Bakken, Belinda Østerli & Alberto Palladino,

The main focus for the photo shoot was jewelry pieces by different jewelry designer. One of  the best ways to show a nicely crafted statement  jewelry , should be no more than on a softly oiled/moisturized healthy looking nude skin,body or body parts.

On set  Linda used an aromatic body oil by Bobbi Brown beach that she fairly rubbed on the skin so it looked healthy, sensual and romantic with mystery to it.  I must say that my skin was very happy until the day after (^.^).

Bobbi Brown beach Oil

The mood for the shoot brought me out to feel like a effortless charming woman, that was stranded  in the mystique wildness of an Island allure  far far away in the nature. She is strong, independent and is her own tribe with a modern and sensual twist.

Hair styling


Produces two handcrafted jewelry collections.
A seasonal collection of multiples called Production and a collection of one of a kinds called Unique.
We mainly work in materials such as petrified wood, fossils, precious stones, mammoth, shells, coconut, amber, coral, cow bone, cow horn, copper, all kinds of wood, seeds, stones from Danish beaches and 24 karat gold from Greenland.
Nature is mighty
Nature is strong
Nature is usually always right
Nature is rarely ever wrong
Nature is beauty
Nature is moody
Nature is smart
Nature always has the greater part
Nature is blue
Nature is green
Nature is every color possibly seen
Nature is true
Nature is beaming
Nature is dreaming
Nature is in every place
Nature is always with grace
Nature is true
Nature is you
Nature is me
Nature will forever be free.
-Anees Akbar
Gold plated coconut bangle

Gold plated coconut bangle



One of my favorite Monies Unique was this ring that looked like a flower propeller, it was so cool amongst other pieces like the two finger cigarette ring holder in silver and dark silver. A glass ball necklace with real gold leaves that  float´s in some type of liquid. Almost lava like when shook.

The two fingered cigarette holder in silver here below..

A beautiful almost midnight attractive blue stone that is hanging on a thin silver chain necklace, but i decided to wrap it around my head. I like to have the option open, but the color i simply  love!

This ring was special and made of  real cow horns.Wearing it made me feel like the bull and not the fighter. TORRO!!!

Two sided wood knuckle stone ring

Blue,turquoise and silver necklace by Indiska


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