Moods of Norway & Riccovero team up for Remerke in Norway

RemerkLansering sonja wanda

On my recent shoot in Oslo Norway i teamed up with a really cool Norwegian photographer that i have worked with in the past by the name of Simon Skreddernes and his cool agency Palookaville. The shoot was so much fun and yet again very different to work with effects such as reflectors and night vision. To be honest a brilliant concept for darkness at night and how you can save life by being visible enough for a driver to see you.

Gone are the little dingle-dangle reflex hanging out of your pocket during winter time and  into the 360 ° nighttime visibilty! In cooperation with trademarks are, a pilot collection that makes pedestrians in the autumn darkness dazzling reflective and stylish, we are launching today a new jacket from fall Cocktail Sports collection with 360 ° visibility.

The jacket is a pin-striped male parkas with reflective threads woven into the fabric of the jacket. The threads are interwoven using a specific technique that allows to protect them for wear during use.

The way reflective material is applied, as a larger part of the product and not just an addition of a minimal area that we often see in other products, provides a 360-degree visibility.

At the same time, by integrating reflective material garment with design in mind, the end to compromise reflectors use with style.

The lifesaving Moods of Norway collection is developed in collaboration with the National Project trademarks that has  gathered together stakeholders in design thinking, traffic safety and textile industry to introduce a new twist on the use of reflective materials integrated into textiles. “Moods of Norway are very proud to be part of this pilot initiative within traffic safety, clothing and could help more gladly use reflective” says Simen Staalnacke, designer and founder of Moods of Norway.

moods of norway sonja wanda

Night-night moon
Night-night stars
Night-night noisy
trucks and cars.

sonja wanda

sonja wanda

sonja wanda

sonja wanda

 Norwegian explenation

Borte er den lille dingle-dangle refleksen hengende ut av lomma, inn er 360° night time visibilty! I samarbeid med REMERK, en pilotkolleksjon som gjør myke trafikanter i høstmørket blendende reflekterende og stilfulle, lanserer vi i dag en ny jakke fra høstens Cocktail Sports kolleksjon med 360° synlighet.

Jakken er en pin-striped herreparkas med reflekstråder vevet inn i stoffet over hele jakken. Trådene er vevet inn ved hjelp av en spesiell teknikk som gjør at de beskyttes for slitasje ved bruk. Måten refleksmaterialet er brukt på, som en større del av plagget og ikke bare et tillegg på et minimalt område som man ofte ser i andre produkter, gir en 360 graders synlighet i mørket. Samtidig, ved å integrere refleksmaterialet i plagget med design for øyet, er det slutt på å kompromisse refleksbruk med stil.

Den livreddende Moods of Norway kolleksjonen er utviklet i samarbeid med det nasjonale prosjektet REMERK, som har samlet sammen aktører innen designtekning, trafikksikring og tekstilindustri for å presentere en ny vri på bruk av refleksmaterialer integrert i tekstiler. ”Moods of Norway er veldig stolte av å være med i denne pilotsatsningen innen trafikksikkerhet og klær, og kunne bidra til at flere gladelig bruker refleks” sier Simen Staalnacke, designer og gründer i Moods of Norway.

Behinde the scene/Bak kulissene

I was so amused by the reflectors on my eye lashes  that i could  not stop snapping my i phone LOL!!!

Its amazing how different i looked with the light on/off. You can see the importance of reflection at night.

sonja wanda

sonja wanda

sonja wanda

sonja wanda

Kiss & fly

sonja wanda



sonja wanda

sonja wanda


Lunch time for hard work!

Lunch time after hard work!


My partner in crime for the shoot. 2 cute!!

My partner in crime for the shoot. 2 cute!!

The launch of  Remerk with Moods of  Norway & Riccovero  @ DogA

remerk sonja wanda

remerk sonja wanda


sonja wanda

Trygg trafikk sonja wanda


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